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If you want to meet some Aussies and Kiwis over a beer and a light dinner come to one of our bar nights. They are held each month, usually on a Friday. The venues change month to month and sometimes we seek out a nice restaurant for a good meal. Or come to our monthly lunch, also at different venues. Dates and venues of bar nights, lunches and other events are listed in our monthly newsletter and on this site.

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  OzCon - Wien      

OzCon - The Australian Connection. What a strange name! Perhaps it's just a con.

Well no. It is real and the OzCon stands for the Australian connection with the Austrian community. Many expats who come to Vienna to live and work, for short or long periods, have support groups. Australians have OzCon - The Australian Connection.

As many expats from different countries have said, they can experience problems in settling into this German-speaking community. The reasons are many and the circumstances varied. But it can be difficult to find one's feet at times. Over the years OzCon has offered a shoulder to lean on when things go bad, advice on how to overcome legal or social problems or simply direction on where to go to find such advice. But more often than not, OzCon offers a chance to have some fun, meet others, laugh and enjoy a bit of Aussie humour, something that is often lacking in the serious Viennese community. Some expat Australians who come here say the last thing they want to do is mix with other Australians. Fair enough. They are not compelled to. But others like to be able to do both, mix with Aussies and people of so many other groups who strive to make a living here.

The fact is OzCon is first and foremost an informal group of people who have some connection or interest in Australia. We live, work and play in Austria and like to keep in touch with each other through gatherings, functions and our monthly newsletter. It is a social group rather than one associated with business. However, we are known by and in touch with other groups, e.g. the Austrian-Australian Society, and official organisations like the Australian Embassy in Vienna. You don't have to be Australian to be a member. You can be the spouse of an Aussie or someone who simply has a close affiliation or interest in Australia. There are no formal rules and no charter to govern the group's operations.

It all began more than 20 years ago. On 10 October 1988 62 women from all walks of life gathered in a private home in Vienna and decided to form a group with these objectives: Nurture and help to maintain an Australian identity Enable Australian women to meet in a social atmosphere Provide a communication link between different interest groups or occupational groups of Australian women in Vienna, and Provide support to newly arrived Australians.

It can be said 20 years later that those objectives still hold up today, except for the reference to "women." The group was named the Australian Women's Group (AWG) and initially it staged garden parties and morning teas. Men did not get a look in until some 13 years later when, in October 2001, the name was changed to OzCon - The Australian Connection and men were formally admitted. But it seems they were reluctant to take up the offer. A list of members published in March February 2003 listed 62 under the title of Ms and Mrs and one lonely Mr.

Annual membership then cost 15. Today it costs just 20 for an individual and 30 for a whole family. Therefore the actual number of men who consider themselves members is not known, but it's fair to say there are many among the 100 or so paid up members. What can OzCon offer? For a start there is a monthly newsletter which is emailed to members at the start of the month. It offers a variety of both news and advice. And it contains a calendar of coming events with an Aussie connection, and details of events and functions organised by OzCon. These can include a monthly lunch somewhere in the city, the opening of an art exhibition, a barbecue in a park, a gathering at a heuriger, an organised walk of historic points of interest, wine tastings, film nights, socials at the Australian Embassy or the Ambassador's official residence, an annual Christmas dinner, visits to the opera or theatre and events for children.

Inquiries are welcome and you can come along to a couple of functions before deciding whether you wish to join or not.

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